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Group of Young Graduates Throwing Their Hats in the AirGCI/UUI Scholarship Program

UUI’s scholarship program started in the early 1990s with a handful of scholarships that were awarded annually to graduating seniors in communities served by UUI. With the acquisition of UUI by GCI the scholarship program has grown to where GCI/UUI awarded $300,000 in scholarships (150 scholarships at $2,000 each) each year.

GCI/UUI works closely with the superintendents, principals, counselors, and students from the Lower Kuskokwim School District, Lower Yukon School District, Bering Straits School District, Kashunamiut School, and St. Mary’s School District to encourage students to further their education and to apply for GCI’UUI scholarship funds. GCI/UUI also works closely with the University of Alaska, AVTEC, Kuskokwim Community College, Yuut Yaquingviat Flight School, and colleges and universities throughout the country to facilitate the use of scholarship funds for tuition, books, lab fees and other costs. GCI/UUI receives “thank you” comments like those from Audrey Johnson, Kindergarten Teacher, Marshall School – “The journey to reach my goal wasn’t easy, and I know that without your support it could have been impossible to finally reach my dream of having my own classroom. Thank you for all you have done”.

We recognize that our children are our future – the scholarship program helps to make the future brighter for our children and our communities.

We are accepting scholarship from January 2nd to mid-April very year. For more information, please contact Tam Cleary at
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