GCI/UUI Scholarship Guideline and Procedures

Scholarship Requirements:

• Applicants must live in a location served by United Utilities Inc., United-KUC or Yukon Tel local telephone companies.
• Applicants must be a high school senior; or have a high school diploma or GED; or be attending an accredited college or post- secondary program
• Applicants must have at least a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
• Applicants must plan to be a full time or part-time student at an accredited college, university, or vocational/trade school for the next school year.
• Applicants must have an interest and intent to return to a rural community after graduation
• Applicants may not be a dependent of any person involved with the Federal Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Program (E-Rate) or the Rural Health Care Universal Support Program (RHCP) on behalf of an entity that receives support for telecommunications services through either program.


Application Instructions and Procedures

• Deadline for accepting application is in mid-April of each year. Any applications received after deadline will not be accepted.
• The scholarship application is available on-line at the UUI web site. The UUI scholarship application may also be available through your school principal or counselor.
• Prepare a 350-word essay on your educational and career goals to include your plans upon graduation; why you are interested in this scholarship program and your intended field of study.
• Include your most recent transcript. This does not have to be an official transcript.
• Complete the entire scholarship application. If any information is incomplete, the application may be rejected.
• The scholarship committee meets in April of each year to select scholarship recipients. All scholarships for the year are awarded at this time.
• Only scholarship award recipients will be notified by letter after the final selection
• Scholarship award recipients must present scholarship award letter to Financial Office at their educational institutions.
• The Scholarship checks will be sent directly to the educational institution selected by the recipients.
• Scholarships are awarded for one year only. Applicants must reapply if they wish to be considered for additional school years.